Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dr. Schrodinger's Leg. Smart ain't always smart.

Don't fret, you're probably smarter than a doctor and here's proof.

If you haven't heard of "Schrodinger's Cat" and want to get really confused, check out the wiki entry here.  For our purposes here's all you need to know.

Dr. Schrodinger proposed a thought experiment (relax, it was never actually done) where you put a cat in a box with roughly a 50/50 chance of being killed within one hour by the possible release of poison gas.  The cat is indeed BOTH alive and dead at the end of the hour because the only way to find out is to interfere with the experiment by opening the box.  Sounds legit, huh?  This really makes The Captain's brain hurt like nobody's business.  But thank God for smart people like this guy, it's people like him that figured out how to put images on T-Shirts and build bridges so The Captain can get to work.

The Captain is only interested in two aspects of this experiment:
1)  Putting a cat in a box.
2)  Letting said cat out of box.

It's a known fact that cats have always loved boxes and paper bags.  Scientists have long known that the simple reason for this is because evolution has genetically selected their species to be furry pains in the ass.  It's also a known fact that cats have always not loved being PUT in anything, included their beloved boxes.  No experiment necessary.  Any "putting" anywhere will be done by the cat, not TO the cat.  This has been proven by legions of cat fanciers over the course of history.

Thank you Doc Schrodinger for Captain Leisure Tees new T-Shirt design.

The old doc clearly wasn't a Rhodes Scholar (well, maybe he was).  The Captain ain't sporting booksmarts like the doc, but even he knows these ALL would have been safer choices:

And that concludes The Captain's class on why you are probably smarter than a doctor.  So you can now go on to WebMd and start diagnosing that pesky mole on your back.  The Captain thinks it's a great idea...almost as great as putting a cat in a box.

Next week:  Why you're smarter than your boss.
***spoiler alert*** shortest blog ever.

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